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Bread is Broken


Bread is broken

Six Communion Songs

In early 2013 I invited the poet Richard Skinner to write a set of short texts with a view to producing a series of simple anthems to be sung at during the Administration of Communion.

I have used Richard’s texts for four of the songs, while the other two use biblical and other texts. The songs are intended to be used flexibly by choirs and singing groups of any size. They can be sung as unison pieces if desired, or if circumstances demand. This collection will appeal particularly to small parish church choirs and similar groups seeking contemporary and accessible words and music to grace those occasions when we gather around the Communion Table.

The accompanying CD, as well as serving as an aid for learning the songs, and for personal prayer and devotion, provides an ideal source of recorded music for use at a celebration of Communion when there is no choir.


Individual Music Scores

£1.95 each

Scores of single items can be purchased here or directly from me via the contact page. Just fill in your details and I will get in touch with you.

Title Score Sample Audio Sample
1. The Table of the Lord View PDF
2. Bread is Broken View PDF
3. Brother of our Flesh View PDF
4. I am the Bread of Life View PDF
5. This Cup View PDF
6. Christ is Risen from the Dead View PDF

Music CD

Music CD (also includes Come Holy Spirit and six psalms from the collection Rock of my Strength)

£7.50 + £1.50 Shipping Cost

Track Listing Sample
1. Come, Holy Spirit (Introit)
2. The Table of the Lord
3. Bread is Broken
4. Brother of our Flesh
5. I am the Bread of Life
6. This cup
7. Christ is risen from the dead
8. My delight – Psalm 119
9. Let us see – Psalm 85
10. The Lord is compassion and love – Psalm 103
11. I will exalt – Psalm 30
12. The Lord is King – Psalm 93
13. Give thanks to the Lord – Psalm 135
14. Gloria (Responsory)